The evolution of parasite manipulation of host dispersal. (bibtex)
  Author         = {Lion, Sébastien and van Baalen, Minus and Wilson,
                   William G.},
  Title          = {The evolution of parasite manipulation of host
  Journal        = {Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences},
  doi            = {10.1098/rspb.2005.3412},
  Volume         = {273},
  Pages          = {1063-1071},
  URL = {},
  keywords       = {space, dispersal, virulence},
  Abstract       = {We investigate the evolution of manipulation of host
                   dispersal behaviour by parasites using spatially
                   explicit individual-based simulations. We find that
                   when dispersal is local, parasites always gain from
                   increasing their hosts' dispersal rate, although the
                   evolutionary outcome is determined by the
                   costs-to-benefits ratio. However, when dispersal can be
                   non-local, we show that parasites investing in an
                   intermediate dispersal distance of their hosts are
                   favoured even when the manipulation is not costly, due
                   to the intrinsic spatial dynamics of the host-parasite
                   interaction. Our analysis highlights the crucial
                   importance of ecological spatial dynamics in
                   evolutionary processes and reveals the theoretical
                   possibility that parasites could manipulate their
                   hosts' dispersal.},
  year           = {2006}
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