Evolution in structured populations: beyond the kin/group debate (bibtex)
  Author = {Lion, Sébastien and Jansen, Vincent A. A. and Day, Troy},
  Title = {Evolution in structured populations: beyond the kin/group debate},
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  som = {https://evolepid.cefe.cnrs.fr/pub/LionEtal-EvolStrPop-2011-SOM.pdf},
  keywords = {virulence ; host-parasite coevolution ; space ; evolution of social traits},
  abstract       = {Much of the literature on social evolution is
                  pervaded by the old debate about the relative merits
                  of kin and group selection. In this debate, the
                  biological interpretation of processes occurring in
                  real populations is often conflated with the
                  mathematical methodology used to describe these
                  processes. Here, we highlight the distinction
                  between the two by placing this discussion within
                  the broader context of evolution in structured
                  populations. In this review we show that the current
                  debate overlooks important aspects of the interplay
                  between genetic and demographic structuring, and
                  argue that a continued focus on the relative merits
                  of kin versus group selection distracts attention
                  from moving the field forward.},
  year = {2011}
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