Habitat saturation and the spatial evolutionary ecology of altruism. (bibtex)
  Author         = {Lion, Sébastien and Gandon, Sylvain},
  Title          = {Habitat saturation and the spatial evolutionary
                   ecology of altruism.},
  Journal        = {Journal of evolutionary Biology},
  doi            = {10.1111/j.1420-9101.2009.01769.x},
  Volume         = {22},
  Pages          = {1487-1502},
  som            = {https://evolepid.cefe.cnrs.fr/pub/LionGandon-HabSatAlt-2009-SOM.pdf},
  URL = {https://evolepid.cefe.cnrs.fr/pub/LionGandon2009.pdf},
  abstract       = {Under which ecological conditions should individuals
                   help their neighbours? We investigate the effect of
                   habitat saturation on the evolution of helping
                   behaviours in a spatially structured population. We
                   combine the formalisms of population genetics and
                   spatial moment equations to tease out the effects of
                   various physiological (direct benefits and costs of
                   helping) and ecological parameters (such as the density
                   of empty sites) on the selection gradient on helping.
                   Our analysis highlights the crucial importance of
                   demography for the evolution of helping behaviours. It
                   shows that habitat saturation can have contrasting
                   effects, depending on the form of competition (direct
                   vs. indirect competition) and on the conditionality of
                   helping. In our attempt to bridge the gap between
                   spatial ecology and population genetics, we derive an
                   expression for relatedness that takes into account both
                   habitat saturation and the spatial structure of genetic
                   variation. This analysis helps clarify discrepancies in
                   the results obtained by previous theoretical studies.
                   It also provides a theoretical framework taking into
                   account the interplay between demography and kin
                   selection, in which new biological questions can be
  keywords       = {space, evolution of social traits},
  year           = {2009}
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